Solar Panel Charge Regulator 30amp


  • Ideal for solar DC lighting system ,solar DC streetlight system.
  • Intelligent control with MCU.
  • With functions of over-charging,over-discharing,shut-out loading and over-load protection.
  • Auto-correction for solar module as connections oppositely,battery as well.
  • LCD screen easy shows all situation obviously.
  • Nice apparence,easy operation.
  • Handles up to 30Amps(300Watt) of solar charing
  12Vsystem voltage 24V system voltage   12Vsystem voltage 24V system voltage
Max.array current 33A 33A Over discharge voltage 10.8V±0.2V 21.6±0.2V
Max.operation voltage 55V 55V Over charge voltage 14.5V±0.2V 29.0V ±0.2V
Operating temperature :-25°C-60°C :-25°C-60°C Outer dimension 165*97*40mm 165*97*40mm

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