Stone’s new diamond blade line meets the vast majority of common applications as bricks, blocks, stone, cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt and asphalt over concrete.

These blades are extremely well balanced, flatter and better running due to laser welded manufacturing process. The high quality steel cores resist warping and deflection from heat during use for truer running, because the blades are produced by computerized laser welding machines.

The 26 different blades are available in sizes from 12” to 20” with bond ratings from 3 to 8 for cutting a wide variety of material harnesses. They all fit on a 1” arbor and can be used wet or dry.

These primarily general purpose blades fall into two blade categories: Saw Select™ our value series and Saw supreme™ our premium series.

Specifications/Applications PDF Doc.

We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or products without prior notice.

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